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"Revista" "An" "Luna" "Pg." "Articol" "Subiect" "Tematica" "Domeniu" 
"Astronomy" 1999 "decembrie" 44 "Looking for Life" "cautarea vietii in cosmos" "proiecte" "astronautica"
"Astronomy" 1999 "decembrie" 48 "Giant Eyes on the Sky" "telescoape" "optica"
"Astronomy" 1999 "decembrie" 52 "Pursuing the Planets" "explorarea lui Marte" "proiecte" "astronautica"
"Astronomy" 1999 "decembrie" 56 "Unveiling Tomorrow's Technology" "Tehnologiile Viitorului" "tehnologii" "astronautica"
"Astronomy" 1999 "decembrie" 60 "Settling the Solar Sistem" "oameniin spatiu" "proiecte" "astronautica"
"Astronomy" 1999 "decembrie" 64 "Dan Goldin's Vision" "proiecte" "tehnologii" "astronautica"
"Astronomy" 1999 "decembrie" 80 "A Partial View of Totality" "eclipsadin august 1999" "eclipse" "observatii"
"Astronomy" 1999 "decembrie" 86 "Mapping the Heavens" "programe deplanetariu" "programe" "computere"
"Astronomy" 1999 "decembrie" 92 "Soot the Moon in Shadow" "foto eclipsede Luna" "astrofotografie" "observatii"
"Astronomy" 1999 "decembrie" 98 "The Universe in Deep Color" "Tonysi Daphne Hallas" "astrofotografie" "observatii"
"Astronomy" 1999 "noiembrie" 40 "Carl Sagan's Coming of Age" "CarlSagan" "cercetatori"
"Astronomy" 1999 "noiembrie" 46 "When Disaster Strikes" "educatie"
"Astronomy" 1999 "noiembrie" 52 "The Universe According to Arp" "Holton Arp. Catalogul de Galaxii" "cercetatori"
"Astronomy" 1999 "noiembrie" 54 "Rescuing Hubble" "Reparandu-l pe Hubble" "telescopul spatial" "astronautica"
"Astronomy" 1999 "noiembrie" 60 "Are We Alone?" "SETI"
"Astronomy" 1999 "noiembrie" 76 "Adrift on the Sun" "tranzitul lui Mercur" "planete" "sistemul solar"
"Astronomy" 1999 "noiembrie" 82 "The Sinister Sky" "educatie"
"Astronomy" 1999 "noiembrie" 88 "First Light on Last Darkness" "eclipsadin august 1999" "eclipse" "observatii"
"Astronomy" 1999 "noiembrie" 92 "By the Light of the Moon" "Luna" "video" "observatii"
"Astronomy" 1999 "octombrie" 40 "Back to the Future" "imagini cu Hubble" "telescopul spatial" "astronautica"
"Astronomy" 1999 "octombrie" 44 "Accelerating the Cosmos" "expansiunea Universului" "cosmologie"
"Astronomy" 1999 "octombrie" 52 "An Unlikely Revolutionary" "Copernicus" "istorie"
"Astronomy" 1999 "octombrie" 58 "Surviving in Space" "probleme medicale in spatiu" "misiuni" "astronautica"
"Astronomy" 1999 "octombrie" 76 "Ware's World" "camera Schmidt" "astrofotografie" "observatii"
"Astronomy" 1999 "octombrie" 84 "Less Is More" "educatie"
"Astronomy" 1999 "octombrie" 90 "Falling for Jupiter and Saturn" "Jupiter si Saturn" "planete" "observatii"
"Astronomy" 1999 "septembrie" 36 "The beginning and the End" "imaginicu Hubble" "telescopul spatial" "astronautica"
"Astronomy" 1999 "septembrie" 38 "Give Peas a Chance" "cosmologie"
"Astronomy" 1999 "septembrie" 48 "Architects of Time" "masurarea timpului" "calendar"
"Astronomy" 1999 "septembrie" 54 "The Art of Skyspeak" "educatie"
"Astronomy" 1999 "septembrie" 72 "Kid's Corner: Crater Crazy" "educatie"
"Astronomy" 1999 "septembrie" 76 "Celestial Portraits: Pisces and Cetus" "Pisces si Cetus" "constelatii" "observatii"
"Astronomy" 1999 "septembrie" 84 "Adaptive Optics Meet CCDs" "SBIGAO-7 " "teste" "ATM"
"Astronomy" 1999 "august" 36 "The Little Stars That Couldn't" "piticemaro" "evolutie stele" "astrofizica"
"Astronomy" 1999 "august" 44 "Cassini's Nuclear Risk" "educatie"
"Astronomy" 1999 "august" 48 "The Spacecraft's Got Swing" "gravitatiafolosita in traiectorie" "misiuni" "astronautica"
"Astronomy" 1999 "august" 54 "Virtual Astronomy" "Astronomie Virtuala" "simulari pe computere" "astrofizica"
"Astronomy" 1999 "august" 74 "Lift Off!" "lansarea unei navete" "misiuni" "astronautica"
"Astronomy" 1999 "august" 80 "Casting a Shadow" "educatie"
"Astronomy" 1999 "august" 84 "Euro Eclipse" "eclipsa din august 1999" "eclipse" "observatii"