"Revista" "An" "Luna" "Pg." "Articol" "Subiect" "Tematica" "Domeniu" 
"Astronomy" 1998 "iulie" 42 "A Beast in the Core" "cautare gauri negre" "teorii" "astrofizica"
"Astronomy" 1998 "iulie" 48 "To the Edge of Space and Time" "gaurinegre" "teorii" "astrofizica"
"Astronomy" 1998 "iulie" 54 "Ruling the Rings" "inele planetare" "planete" "sistemulsolar"
"Astronomy" 1998 "iulie" 58 "Planet Hunters" "sisteme planetare" "teorii" "astrofizica"
"Astronomy" 1998 "iulie" 82 "Seeing Red" "culorile obiectelor ceresti" "educatie"
"Astronomy" 1998 "iulie" 90 "It's a Bird? It's a Plane...It's a Satellite" "sateliti" "observatii"
"Astronomy" 1998 "iulie" 94 "Strike a Pose" "Celestron CG-9 1/4" "teste" "ATM"
"Astronomy" 1998 "iunie" 40 "Jumping Jupiter" "Jupiter si sateliti" "planete" "sistemulsolar"
"Astronomy" 1998 "iunie" 46 "Interstelllar Trekking" "calatorii interstelare" "proiecte" "astronautica"
"Astronomy" 1998 "iunie" 52 "Magic in the Moon's Shadow" "eclipsa deSoare" "eclipse" "observatii"
"Astronomy" 1998 "iunie" 58 "Mastering the Misterious" "Bohdan Paczynski" "cercetatori"
"Astronomy" 1998 "iunie" 82 "Celestial Portraits: Corona Borealis" "CoronaBorealis" "constelatii" "observatii"
"Astronomy" 1998 "iunie" 90 "Getting to the Focal Point" "oculare" "clasificare" "ATM"
"Astronomy" 1998 "mai" 36 "Making an Exceptional Impact" "Eugene Shoemaker" "cercetatori"
"Astronomy" 1998 "mai" 42 "Close-up of a Comet Crash" "film SF" "educatie"
"Astronomy" 1998 "mai" 44 "When Galaxies Were Young" "Next GenerationSpace Telescope" "proiecte" "astronautica"
"Astronomy" 1998 "mai" 50 "Cosmic Jekyll & Hyde" "ultraviolet" "radiatii" "astrofizica"
"Astronomy" 1998 "mai" 54 "Crack in the Clockwork" "instabilitateaorbitelor planetare" "simulari pe computere" "astrofizica"
"Astronomy" 1998 "mai" 74 "Celestial Portraits: Virgo" "Virgo" "constelatii" "observatii"
"Astronomy" 1998 "mai" 88 "The Little Scope that Could" "Astroscan" "teste" "ATM"
"Astronomy" 1998 "mai" 92 "Easy Guide to the Sky" "recunoasterea constelatiilor" "constelatii" "observatii"
"Astronomy" 1998 "februarie" 38 "Planting Primordial Seeds" "cosmologie"
"Astronomy" 1998 "februarie" 44 "On Becoming the Material World" "cosmologie"
"Astronomy" 1998 "februarie" 50 "The Story of Starbirth" "formareastelelor" "evolutie stele" "astrofizica"
"Astronomy" 1998 "februarie" 56 "From Pebbles to Planets" "formareaplanetelor" "evolutie stele" "astrofizica"
"Astronomy" 1998 "februarie" 74 "Plunge into Darkness" "eclipsa deSoare" "eclipse" "observatii"
"Astronomy" 1998 "februarie" 82 "Southwest Passage" "educatie"
"Astronomy" 1998 "ianuarie" 36 "Sharpening the Stars" "optica adaptiva" "optica"
"Astronomy" 1998 "ianuarie" 42 "Red Rover Red Rover" "Parthfinder peMarte" "misiuni" "astronautica"
"Astronomy" 1998 "ianuarie" 46 "NASA's Next Space Observatories" "telescoapespatiale" "proiecte" "astronautica"
"Astronomy" 1998 "ianuarie" 50 "Celestial Navigator" "Robert BurnhamJr." "cercetatori"
"Astronomy" 1998 "ianuarie" 56 "How Stars Shine" "istorie"
"Astronomy" 1998 "ianuarie" 74 "Turning Familiar into Fantastic" "diversificareaobservatiilor" "observatii"
"Astronomy" 1998 "ianuarie" 84 "In the Eyepiece of the Beholder" "ocularePentax" "teste" "ATM"
"Astronomy" 1998 "ianuarie" 90 "Take Me to a Star Party" "tabere deobservatii" "organizare" "astrocluburi"